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Strike Vector EX First Look

Developer: Ragequit Corporation | Publisher: Ragequit Corporation
Players: 1+ Player Game | Genre: Action

Release Date: Summer 2015

The successor to a game that I admit has been on my Steam wishlist for far too long: Strike Vector EX brings a few things to the series that the community had been asking for for a while. First, unlike the original Strike Vector, EX will be on consoles to start out. The question remains, will the community demand this on the PC and will we see it there?

In addition to being on consoles, one of the other major differences with EX is that will have a single player campaign. This is something that Strike Vector previously lacked. So, players will now be able to delve a bit deeper into the Strike Vector universe and discover how things came to be they way they are.
For those of you that still love to straight up brawl, you can still do that to your heart’s content. Additionally, the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) for the NPC (Non-Player Character) pilots has received a serious overhaul. Thought they were too easy before? Think again. During the short time I played, at E3 2015, I found myself getting fairly frustrated. I was sitting there thinking, ‘How long have I been shooting at this guy? Why isn’t he dying?’ Well, as I said, they’ve gotten a lot better. Their movement has improved quite a bit and now weave pretty well between--and around objects--breaking your line of sight. Their tactics have also improved. If you’ve dealt a decent amount of damage to an A.I. opponent, they will do their best to break off, evade you, and pick up repair power-ups around the battle area.

As I said, the original Strike Vector has been on my wishlist for way too long and I’ll probably be picking it up soon. In addition, I look forward to Strike Vector EX on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

By Davis Wiitala - 06/26/15

Screenshots for Strike Vector EX First Look

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