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Stubbs the Zombie

Developer: Wideload | Publisher: Aspyr
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 10/18/05 | Genre: Action

In Punchbowl, Pennsylvania, the high-tech City of the Future, there is peace and quiet in this ultra-modern 1950's town. Everything is peaceful and it is an example for the entire world. However, can this city continue to be peaceful once Stubbs the Zombie begins to create an army of Zombie followers out of the people?

At first we do not have any clue why Stubbs the Zombie is in Punchbowl, how he became a Zombie, or why he can't fulfill his appetite for brains. Wideload Games, a new company from former Bungie members, gives us the answers to these questions bit by bit throughout the game. It really isn't until the very end until we fully understand the answers.

Because Wideload Games is so familiar with the Halo engine, they use it in Stubbs the Zombie. The game looks and plays very well and utilizes the game engine to its fullest. In addition to the visuals, the sound and voice acting is superb. Nothing beats the sound of people screaming while having their brains eaten. Other great sound elements include current bands singing classic 50's songs like Earth Angel, Mr. Sandman, Lollipop, and many more.

Stubbs the Zombie has some great gameplay. Players will spend the majority of their adventure sucking brains, using their head as an exploding bowling ball, throwing organ grenades, creating new Zombie followers, sucking brains, sucking brains, and sucking brains. From time to time it can be a little repetitive. However, how often do you get to suck brains and create Zombie followers?

There is even a great co-op multiplayer mode that allows players to double the fun and complete the game together. Since the gameplay is so solid, this just makes the experience even more fun.

So the presentation and gameplay are both great so this title gets an A+, right? Not so fast. While Stubbs the Zombie looks, sounds, and plays well, it has a fatal flaw. The game is short. This title is so short that you will probably beat it in a single sitting. Now I am not a game developer and have never created a game. However, if I was going to make a title on the market it would take at least a good fifteen or twenty hours to beat. Sadly Stubbs clocks in around five hours. Granted those five hours are very good. But for a game that you can enjoy over a weekend rental, it is really hard to recommend purchasing it. Pick it up when it is discounted to a lower price or just spend a weekend rental on it. You will have an absolute blast while the game lasts.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 11/11/05
ESRB Details: Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language

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