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Syphon Filter 3

Developer: Sony Bend | Publisher: SCEA
Players: | Release Date: 11/01/01 | Genre: Action

I was nervous for a while there. Days after the events of 11/11/01 a lot of things happened, one of which being the delay of Spyhon Filter 3 for the Playstation. I must admit I was a little peeved about this seeing as I had paid for the game in full before hand. I found myself in a curious predicament; do I pull the money out? Or wait... Well I waited and let me tell you I made the right decision.

Looking beyond the jagged graphics of everyone's hero Gabe Logan and you'll be given the chance to play one quality-crafted game. The set up is simple; you play the game's levels, which act as a series of "flashbacks". The cut scenes follow an investigation in which all of Gabe's associates and counterparts are brought in to give testimony about Gabe and his involvement with the Syphon Filter virus.

Some of the levels are short (compared against the previous games) but the amount of things going on in each level makes it okay. For the first time ever in any of the previous games I have fell in love with the music track. Adding to the already intense levels, the music makes you get involved in more ways then one. It swallows you up and helps push the feeling of being submersed in this world (it helps having a surround system for this as well but you get the picture).

The difficult of each level varies as you go along and on more then one occasion I found myself getting frustrated and having to turn the game off. This is not a bad thing; in fact it's a testament to the game to see just how far you're willing to be pushed.

The control becomes hauntingly familiar after the initial few minutes. But what will blow you away is how the team was able to push the PS one to the limit of its capabilities. It makes you stop and marvel at how awesome the system actually is֥ven still.

Even though the wait was a long one, sometimes it's worth it. SF3 is a great game to end a franchise on system that revolutionized the gaming industry. I look forward to the next game when it is rumored to make its second coming on the PS2. Now I really can't wait!

By Jason McKenzie - 08/01/00
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