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Tail Concerto

Developer: CyberConnect2 | Publisher: Atlus
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 08/31/99 | Genre: Action

Police dog. When you hear that phrase you usually think of overdeveloped Dobermans whose soul purpose is to disarm goon with their bite and sniff out drugs. In Tail Concerto you play a police dog with a different agenda; you control an expedient mech to aid you in capturing feline felons and transporting them to the penitentiaryÖ¯r would that be pound? The territorial war is on between these two species, and you can expect a lot more from Bandai's quirky adventure in a dog eat cat world.

Princess Theria has been catnapped as you start the game in pursuit of the Black Cat Gang. With the help of your uncle the inventor and a faithful airship, you must accrue the five crystals of omniscient power. Unfortunately, those kitty-cretins are searching for the crystals and cyan, a palace knight dog, envies your relationship with the princess, so he is constantly trying to steal some of your thunder, usually fouling you up in the process.

The game looks and place very similarly to Mega Man Legends, and since this is a port of an older game, the graphics are noticeably dated. There are minor platforming elements, but the majority of Tail Concerto is played like an adventure game: running, shooting, exploring, and a few mini-games. Atlus has a nack for bringing over offbeat games and ameliorating them for U.S. perusal. Tail Concerto is no exception. The translation is good which allows the game to keep its humorous story, and the voice-overs are exceptional too. The controls have also been tweaked for tighter gameplay, so cat capturing should be easier than ever.

This is a very fun game that may be overlooked by many due to he dated look and kiddie, anime appearance. But make no mistake, this game is not age-discriminate; it's for anybody who likes an easy to play, light-hearted adventure. Tail Concerto should not be dogged.

By Ira Humphrey - 08/01/00
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