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Tales of Destiny

Developer: Namco | Publisher: Namco
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 09/30/98 | Genre: RPG

In a time littered with texture-mapped wishes and polygon dreams, one almost yearns for a deviant title to break the monotony. Tales of Destiny is the role playing game that redefines an empirically tested formula of yore. Journey back in time with this blazing effigy of yesteryear role-playing.

The plot is basic RPG fare-gather a motley crew and save the world--but the story is well written. The tongue-in-cheek humor will make even the gravest gamer smirk. Although the story may be a bit hackneyed, it's nice to interact with original characters instead of nonchalant apocryphal ones seen in other recent RPGs.

The musical score is by no means epic, but it's appropriate. The memorable upbeat tunes help round out an already turgid package. The game's true star is its innovative battle system. The battles are fought actively in 2-D with each button corresponding to a specific battle command. This method ensures active participation from the gamer, and the campaigns can really heat up when your 4-person entourage takes on a gang of 6 enemies.

I recommend this anachronistic game a try for its nostalgic nuances and scintilla of sass. Some off color language may deter younger audiences from playing. Suggested for anyone over 13.

By Ira Humphrey - 08/08/00
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