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Tiger Woods 2002

Developer: Headgate | Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 02/24/02 | Genre: Sports

One of the coolest things about playing video games is the chance to do something you wouldn't get to do in the real life. Thanks to video games you can now drive on the wrong side of the street, punch some guy for giving you lip, or in the case of this week's review, you can be in the game with the greatest athletes of today.

And with the incredible graphics and sounds of the video game systems of today it is easy (and very cool) to get a glimpse of what it is like to step in the shoes of the stars of your favorite sport. This is even more true when you get to step inside the shoes of probably one of the greatest ever in the history of that sport.

There are plenty of sports out there (when playing with the right people) that make you feel like you could've been a pro. For example, when you knock out two home runs in softball or score that double-double when playing at the local playground. But there has always been one sport that not only frustrates but also humbles you to a point where you gain even more respect for the pros who do it week in and week out.

Of course, I am speaking of the one sport that can drive you to almost certain insanity (ala John Daly.) So wouldn't it be nice to get a chance to see what it would be like to get inside the mind and body of one of the greatest golfers of all time? (And not a minute too soon as Tiger Woods just won the Masters --again!) Well thanks to EA Sports, not only do you get to take a peak inside Tiger's play but you also get to take a peak into Tiger's mind (I will explain more about that later -- read on!)

The first thing we have to talk about is the massive amount of features that this game has. For right now I will just touch on a couple of my favorites such as the ability to play as or against a slew of PGA TOUR professionals, including Tiger Woods, Justin Leonard, Brad Faxon, Vijay Singh, and many more. As well as taking your game to world-renowned courses like Pebble Beach Golf Links, TPC at Sawgrass, and Royal Birkdale, including custom-designed courses.

But the coolest thing by far is the new Total Precision Swing which lets you slice, draw, or drive it straight just by using the left analog stick. How does that work, you ask? Well, the best way for me to describe it is take the arcade smash hit Golden Tee (the game with the ball that is used to direct your shots and which is found at most pubs and restaurant) and move the ball to the analog stick on your joystick. No more of that annoying timing stuff where you have to wait for the little thing to get to the top of the swing and then hit it again before it reaches the bottom or you will slice (just like most people in real life.) The new controls really add to the fun of the game!

For myself when I think of a golf game I think of a golf tourney or a skins game. And sure you can still do that in this game, but with this year's edition of Tiger Woods, the game is really centered on the mission-centered game entitled the Tiger Challenge. The Tiger Challenge is quite unique in the fact that it takes a game that some can consider a little on the dull side and spice it up so much that it's hard to put the driver, err I mean the controller down.

How the challenge works is simple. You go head to head with a pro or an amateur on one of best courses in the world. If you win you get some big-time coin (cash for folks that don't get the coin reference) which can be used to upgrade your player in the areas of power, putting, spin, and so on. And even if you don't win the match you can also get money (or coin) by making great shots on the golf course -- such as getting on the green in two on a par four or getting out of a bunker and onto the dance floor to save the par. There are 17 opponents to face and for each one you defeat you will unlock one of Tigers dream holes (ah yes, this is what I was talking about when I said get inside Tiger's head.) Unlock them all and see what the ideal course is for good old Eldrick.

The other truly unique feature of the game is the Speed Golf mode. Where you don't have to worry about slow play! In this mode you tee off and then follow your ball down the course in order to make the next shot, all while being timed and still trying to be focused on the main goal shooting under par. This is a great option to play with friends or by yourself if you just want to get in a quick (and I do mean quick) 18!

As for the golf sounds like teeing off or "in the cup," the sounds are terrific. As for the commentary with Dave Fenerty and Bill Macatee let's just face it -- they ARE golf announcers and, well, golf announcers are, well... Boring. But the opening theme music, "#1" performed by St. Louis' own Nelly, more than makes up for it!

The only thing that can be considered a negative is that the putting is a little difficult and will take some time to get use to. But if you been to the putting green (or putt-putt course) lately, I am pretty sure you would find the putting pretty hard there, too!

I LOVE THIS GAME. Oh wait did I just say that? I love a golf game? Oh, what the hell, I do LOVE this golf game! No only is it a fun game but it will keep you playing for a long time to come. And what can be better than playing a golf game against a guy that looks like David Tua (the professional boxer in the Heavyweight division).

This game is not just for the golf fan. I really think anyone would have a great time with it! And since it is rated E for Everyone by the ERSB you should go pick it up for the whole family!

Bonus Codes for Tiger Woods 2002 for Playstation 2

Justin Leonard:

Enter RDRANOAEL13O as a code.

Solita Lopez:

Enter GZEPOL10R as a code.

Melvin "Yosh" Tanigawa:

Enter WAWAGINAT07I as a code.

Advance time:

Hold X after the ball is in the air to fast forward its movement.

Slow time:

Hold Triangle after the ball is in the to slow down time.

Skip tutorial mode:

Press L1 during the tutorial.

Control ball spin:

Hold Triangle while the ball is in the air to slow time, then hold a direction + L2 to control its spin.

Bonus golfers:

Defeat a golfer in the Tiger Challenge to unlock that person in other game modes.

Aces Wild trophy ball:

Shoot a hole in one in the Tiger Challenge.

Back-to-Back trophy ball:

Shoot two consecutive eagles in the Tiger Challenge.

Birdie Buster trophy ball:

Shoot over twelve consecutive birdies in the Tiger Challenge.

Birdie Streak trophy ball:

Shoot six consecutive birdies in the Tiger Challenge.

Eagle Extravaganza trophy ball:

Shoot four eagles in a round in the Tiger Challenge.

Eagle Hunt trophy ball:

Eagle all par 5 holes in the game in the Tiger Challenge.

Fairway Challenge trophy ball:

Hit all the fairways in a round in the Tiger Challenge.

GIR Challenge trophy ball:

Hit all the greens in regulation in the Tiger Challenge.

Long Distance Drive trophy ball:

Hit a drive over 350 yards in the Tiger Challenge.

Long Putt trophy ball:

Sink a putt from over 55 feet in the Tiger Challenge.

Low Round trophy ball:

Shoot under 60 in a round in the Tiger Challenge.

One Time trophy ball:

Tee off and hit a par 5 green in the Tiger Challenge.

Pin Seeker trophy ball:

Hit the pin in the Tiger Challenge.

Scenario Challenge trophy ball:

Successfully complete all scenarios in the Tiger Challenge.

Tiger Challenge Completion trophy ball:

Successfully complete the Tiger Challenge.

Top of the Tournaments trophy ball:

Win first place in all tournaments in the Tiger Challenge.

Princeville course:

Earn $50,000 with a created golfer.

Black Rock Cove:

Earn $200,000 with a created golfer.

Royal Birkdale course:

Earn $400,000 with a created golfer.

Tiger's Dream Course holes:

When a level of the Tiger Challenge is completed, another hole in Tiger's Dream Course will be unlocked.

By Chris "Hoss" Neupert - 04/18/02
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