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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

Developer: Free Radical | Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1+ Player Game | Genre: First Person Shooter

Release Date: 03/21/05

The last two titles in the TimeSplitters franchise have been developed by Free Radical and published by Eidos Interactive. In January, Free Radical signed an agreement with EA Games that will allow them to publish the next incarnation of the TimeSplitters franchise. With that deal firmly in place, Free Radical is set to release the next title in 2005 and is calling it TimeSplitters Future Perfect.

Like any other TimeSplitters game, you will be going through time. Players will once again travel into the past and into the future. Specifically, Future Perfect will be set between the years 1914 and 2401. This title won’t simply be a rehash of the other two either. Free Radical has listened to some complaints from gamers and for the first time in the series, TimeSplitters Future Perfect will allow up to two players to participate in a co-op mode. This is similar to the popular feature Bungie included in Halo for the Xbox.

Another new feature planned for the sequel is called Meet Yourself. This will allow a player to ally with past and future versions of themselves. Not much else is known about how this feature will work and we hope to learn more about it during E3.

Also included in the title will be the standard modes in the genre. These include Arcade, Challenge, and Online gameplay--including Death-match, capture the flag and many more. The PlayStation 2 version will allow for up to sixteen players to compete online at once! Like the other titles in the TimeSplitters series, players have the ability to make their own multiplayer maps.

We will have to wait until sometime in 2005 to see if this title is as good as prior versions. However, with Free Radical, there is little concern about them developing a dud. The title will appear on all three major consoles. However, no word on if the GameCube and Xbox will have online capabilities.

We hope to have more on this exciting new title at E3 2004.

By Adam Beck - 05/29/05
ESRB Details: Blood and Gore, Violence

Screenshots for TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

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