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Tiny Tower eats up BIG Time

Developer: NimbleBit | Publisher: NimbleBit
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 05/12/17 | Genre: Simulation

Tiny Tower, from Developer NimbleBit, is the latest in their "Freemium" titles for the IOS platform. Currently available as a Universal Application, this addictive simulation will leave you happily managing a tower full of Bitizens in your attempt at building floors to reach the heavens. NimbleeBit isn't new to the idea of "Freemium" games. Their last title, Pocket Frogs, mixed a bit of Pokemon with Chocobo Breeding to create a weird mix of fun. Though it wasn't my cup of tea, it really caught on. 

The term "Freemium" games refers to a title that is completely free to play. However, in order to advance more quickly, players can purchase upgrades. This is how the Developers "cash in" and since it is very easy to do in-app purchases, you can quickly spend a lot of real money for temporary items for your game. Tiny Tower uses a currency called Tower Bux. Players can purchase Tower Bux and then trade those in for in-game Gold, speed up the development of their tower, upgrade the elevator, and decorate your floors.

Tiny Tower has players operate a tower full of Bitizens. You begin with a tutorial that walks you through the basic mechanics and by the end of it will have an apartment and a business. Each of the Apartments can house up to five Bitizens and each of the Bitizens has varied skills. But like all people, Bitizens have a dream job. It is your task to put these Bitizens at work in their dream job to get extra Tower Bux and to make them happy. Players can also cycle through various clothing options for the Bitizens to customize them and give them a brand new look.

Besides dressing up your Bitizens, players will have to build different types of floors for them to work in: Food, Service, Recreation, Retail, and Creative. As you gain enough funds to build a new floor, there will be a percentage shown as to which floor you should build. Players must also be careful to manage the number of Apartments they have versus retail space. As mentioned above, each apartment can only house 5 Bitizens and each Business needs 3 employees to be able to fully stock it. Once you have built a specific floor, you hire your unemployed Bitizens to work there. Then you can stock one of three items. Each item has a specific amount of time to finish stocking. Once it is complete, players have to click on the floor to stock and then start working on the next item. Fully stocking a floor gives you an economic bonus or Tower Bux. You can also quickly stock an item or sell an item by spending Tower Bux.

Besides building floors, changing Bitizens outfits, and stocking stores, players also much manage the Tower Elevator. Random Bitizens will arrive and request to go to a specific floor. You tap on them and then use the arrow keys to go to their desired floor. You will be tipped with Gold or Tower Bux randomly. VIP Bitizens will also randomly arrive to reduce stocking time, increase traffic to a desired floor, buy out items on a floor, move a Bitizen into an empty apartment room, or even help reduce the construction time of a new floor.

The game is extremely simple and addictive. I tend to pull it out a few times everyday to stock and build new floors. Fortunately, there is no item degrading or negative impact should you miss jumping into your tower.

GameCenter support allows for a multitude of different Achievements and the ability to look at the towers from your friends list. This is a fun title that is safe for all ages. Since it is free, you can definitely get a lot of value here. NimbleBit continues to update Tiny Tower and I highly recommend you checking it out.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 07/29/11
ESRB Details: IOS Games are not rated by the ESRB. Tiny Tower, however, is a game that is safe for the whole family and features cute 8 bit looking characters as you manage a Tower full of Bitizens and floors of Apartments and Businesses for them to work in. Due to the addicting nature of the title, just be careful with how easy it is to make in-game purchases to speed up your Tower Building.

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