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Um Jammer Lammy

Developer: NanaOn-Sha | Publisher: SCEA
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 07/31/99 | Genre: Music

Upon first playing it, I thought Um Jammer Lammy was a decent game, marred by only a few flaws. While these flaws, namely insipid music--which is important in a game of this nature--still exist in the finished product, the game delivers several other features that redeem the title. The result is a game that's okay by itself, but really shines during shindigs with a couple of drunken--I mean, happy friends.

The storyline in Um Jammer Lammy is the wackiest concoction I ever bore witness to. On this abstruse adventure you collaborate with a constantly vomiting caterpillar to put babies to sleep, you assist a schizophrenic pilot in flying a dancing plane, and you play guitar opposite an alien diva on some clandestine island. It has since been edited for United States release, but in the Japanese version of the game there was a time where you slipped on a banana peel, died, went to Hell, and were resuscitated just in time to make your concert. This game will definitely not be for those seeking any modicum of sanity of cohesiveness.

After playing through this perilous pandemonium, you are treated to some features that make Um Jammer Lammy all worthwhile. You are granted the ability to play through the game as the dope dog himself, Parappa. Each stage's song is redone to accommodate a rap tune when you play through as Parappa, and it really makes you yearn for the original. Also, as you progress through the game, versus and cooperative modes of play will become available for the perusing. You can play combinations such as Lammy versus Rammy, Lammy with Rammy, Lammy versus Parappa, and Lammy with Parappa. This is basically like having 4 additional games to tread through with a buddy or computer controlled character. Watching the computer wail on the guitar in versus mode is a truly humbling experience. And hearing a song oscillate between rap and rock while playing as Parappa and Lammy is quite entertaining.

With its addictive multi-player modes and quirky, offbeat humor, Um Jammer Lammy makes for a fun game to show off your fellow gamers.

By Ira Humphrey - 08/01/00
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