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Vagrant Story

Developer: Squaresoft | Publisher: Square EA
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 05/15/00 | Genre: RPG

Ever wonder how gamers' superior sneak, Solid Snake, would look like decked out in medieval garb, sporting rickety obsidian gages and greaves, a blood besmirched tunic, and an arsenal of knives enough to put Ginsu out of business? Be lucky if you have.

Square's leading man in their newest adventure, Vagrant Story, has all the makings of a hero, and, consequently, a heroic journey gives way. The tale told is one that's familiar to film followers and book buffs, but one that should be soberly refreshing in the garrison of gamedom. You assume the role of Ashley Riot, the ruddy Riskbreaker and member of the Valendia Knights of the Peace, must ever so gingerly brave a plot mired in malice, stooped in subterfuge, and garnished with a few delinquent dragons, for good measure, as you seek to excavate information about the man you would see your reputation dissolved, but would rather see you staring at daisies from the bottom up. That's right, in this prodigious plot the princess has taken a back seat and the universe is on Call Waiting. Mr. Riot's sweet victory comes from reclaiming his name and burnishing his escutcheon. As the simple story unfolds, however, onerous overtones of an intense power struggle emerge amidst the land's various regents. Of course, leave it to the scintillating scions at Sqaure to summon a story with such stellar style.

Although I likened Vagrant Story to Metal Gear Solid, the brunt of the game focuses on battle and honing your combative skills. Ashley Riot still skulks in the shadows more than an albino adulterer during cinematic sequences, but he will be most remembered for laying waste to 1,000 undead soldiers with but a dagger and a few stones. Every piece of equipment is affected by several adversarial attributes

By Ira Humphrey - 08/01/00
ESRB Details: No Descriptors

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