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Violence in Videogames

I am tired of hearing about how videogames are for children, and how parents are in an uproar about the violent content of today's videogames.

Expecting people to "outgrow" videogames is like expecting people to outgrow movies. When you are 6, Disney movies are all the rage. At the age of 15 you no longer want to watch The Lion King for the 50th time. Your tastes have changed so much by the time you are in your 20's that the simplified stories of children's movies no longer hold your attention. The same is true about videogames.

Game players today demand stories that are more involved. The same game player who 10 years ago at the age of 11 would have been satisfied with an 8 bit Super Mario game, today at the age of 21 have grown to expect more depth in game play and story. A great example of this is the Resident Evil Series. Over the course of several games, players are treated to an ever growing and involving story line.

Resident Evil is a great series, but is not appropriate for all gamers. Parents have no problem monitoring (utilizing the MPAA rating system) what movies their children watch. Why is it such a problem for these same parents to monitor what their children play? Parents need to familiarize themselves with and use the ESRB ratings.

Parents need to take a more active role in their children's entertainment choices. It's too easy to target the violence in videogames. Being a parent means being involved in the choices your child makes. Instead of blaming the violence in the games, or the stores that sell the games, parents should also shoulder part of the blame. Parents could read the same magazines their kids do, watch the same shows, play the same games.

I understand that parents don't have the time to monitor every thing their child does, but to place all of the blame on violence in the game, or the manufacturer, or the store that sells the game is a cop out. Parents also need to shoulder some of the blame. Any parent not actively involved in the games their child play is irresponsible. I know--I'm a parent myself.

By Daniel "Monk" Pel... - 01/09/02

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