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Want More Dead Space? EA Says OK!

For fans of the Dead Space franchise, the E3 Expo will be a treat for you as EA officially confirmed, via our friends at IGN, that the next incarnation in the Dead Space franchise will make its first public appearance during E3 (Better known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo).

While there is an outside chance Sony and/or Microsoft may get the first footage during their respected Press Conferences on Monday, EA will probably wait to show the game off during its own Press Conference at the Orpheum on Monday. EA is sandwiched between Microsoft and Sony on Monday.

Besides letting the existence of the title known, little more is really available on the title. There are rumblings of co-op play and potentially multiplayer. Co-op and multiplayer? Yes please!

Just another day and we should know all of the details.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 06/04/12

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