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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Third Edition

Developer: Jellyvision | Publisher: SCEA
Players: 1+ Player Game | Release Date: 06/11/01 | Genre: Party

Touting new questions and a snazzier Regis Philbin, 엨o Wants to be a Millionaire: Third Editions the next release in this soon to be long lasting game show. While it is fairly safe to say that this is very much like the other two editions, all three completely useable lifelines. By now, everyone knows the format of Millionaire֠fifteen questions, three lifelines, and one larger than life host. The Playstation version contains the same appealing aspects.

The only complaint about the game from the perspective of a game show junky is the length of time it takes to advance to the next question. The suspense on the game show is sometimes warranted, but often tedious to those of us who would just like to advance to the next question. After all, isn't the point of an at home version to see how much one knows, or does not know? If it takes forever to get the next question, how will one ever find out the answer to this crucial self-deprecating query?

Length of time aside, WWTBAM has the charm of the television show, with the advantage of not having to be in front of millions of 55-65 year olds threatening your trivial knowledge. The charms, of course, of Millionaire, being the synthesized music, cattle prodding from Philbin, and the incessant glare of those dang ties! The further charm of the show, needless to say, is the money. Sadly, it is not included in the Sony version. You can't even win back the forty bucks you spent to buy the game. Overall, Millionaire is not one of my top picks for the PSOne, seeing as, all too quickly, it can become like the television show... old and crusty with no hope of ever seeing enough money to pay back college student loans.

By Emily Rutherford - 08/01/00
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