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Developer: Omega Force | Publisher: Koei
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 03/27/01 | Genre: Action

Koei brings it's N64 title Winback to the Playstation 2. Make no mistake about it, this game is a carbon copy of the original. Winback on the PS2 is the same as it's N64 incarnation with only a slight update in graphics.

This game was morbid on the N64, and it's just as bad on the PS2. The plot centers around trying to win back a weapons satellite from a terrorist organization known as the "Crying Lions". The hero of the game is Jean-Luc Cougar and the task is up to him and his fellow S.C.A.T. team members.

Gameplay revolves around sneaking through buildings and shooting enemies. Along the way players will be interrupted by cinema scenes that help develop the story. There are a few surprising plot twists, but for the most part these scenes are pointless and annoying. Controlling Jean-Luc is also a bit of a task. It takes two buttons just to fire your weapon, and there are plenty of other actions available to you, if you can only get the controls down. Luckily for you, the enemies have almost no AI to speak of, so they'll stand there and politely wait for you to blow them out of existence.

Graphically this game is only a slight step above it's N64 counterpart. The levels look nice, but after awhile the dull graphics become very repetitive. The same goes for the music, it gets old fairly quickly. In fact you may want to turn the sound way down, or better yet, off all together.

Winback has plenty of problems, and they far outweigh anything good the game might have to offer. For one, although the graphics aren't bad, every level looks exactly the same. The worst part is, there's over 30 dumb, boring, and just plain stupid levels packed into this lame attempt at a Metal Gear Solid clone. Also, in true Winback tradition, the enemies lack variety. Excluding the bosses, there are probably only about 3 types of enemy that you'll face. Another down side, you only have five different weapons to take them out with, and none of them are very fun to use. You get a pistol, a shotgun, a machine gun, a rocket launcher, and a silenced pistol. How boring. A few other problems noted above like difficult play control and stupid enemies only make the game that much worse.

I know a lot of people are saying this game provides a Metal Gear like experience, but I for one, had a hell of a lot more fun with MGS than I did with this game. In fact the MGS2 demo that comes packed with Z.O.E. offers more variety than this entire game did. Folks, please, rent this one before you buy it. It's certainly not for everyone, but a select few will enjoy it.

By Ryan Schaefer - 08/01/00
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