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Wolfenstein RPG

Developer: id Software | Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1 Player Game | Release Date: 05/11/09 | Genre: Action/RPG

The gaming gods at id Software have been hard at work trying to get as many awesome titles into the hands of gamers. With projects like RAGE set to change the genre of First Person Shooter for the better, they haven't forgotten about the mobile market. In fact, Wolfenstein RPG is so good, it will make you wish they threw more resources at the iPhone platform.

Wolfenstein RPG is an enhanced version of a JAVA mobile game. Because of this, there are definitely places where the power of the iPhone could be better used. Fortunately, id has one more planned JAVA game, DOOM RPG II, before they move all mobile development to the iPhone platform.

Players make their way as B.J. Blackowicz in the Nazi Castle of Wolfenstein and you must get out. Players utilize an onscreen dpad, swiping strafe controls, and tapping your finger on screen to fire, change weapons, and interact with the environment. The Role Playing elements come into play in turn-based attacks when you encounter enemies. This takes all of the twitch out of the game and makes it a lot more approachable for a casual mobile gamer. After enough battles, players will gain experience and boost their stats.

While dealing with Nazi Germany may not seem the most family friendly of settings, there is a great balance here with plenty of humorous moments. Chickens will be found strapped to tables and you can electrocute them for instant fried chicken. Players will also find Chin Goatee portraits of Hitler that you can slap around and plenty of destructible items that hold special items.

There are some issues with the game. Mainly I felt that the controls were sometimes a little difficult because of the touch screen controls. Occasionally you may find your fingers slip and hit the wrong space. This is a fairly minor complaint. Players may also see that the side-swiping Strafe accidentally fires their gun or the interface doesn't open doors if your gun is out. Instead you may just waste precious ammo.

These issues are minor and shouldn't stop you from downloading this game now. Wolfenstein RPG will keep players entertained and runs only $4.99. I feel there is a lot of value here and is worth a spot on your iPhone.

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Real Life Ratings
Like all iPhone games, this title is not rated by the ESRB. Because of this, parents may want to consider the content carefully before allowing their child to play. Wolfenstein RPG features a setting with Nazis, portraits of Hitler, Symbols, and prisoners held captive. The violence is minor and as long as the user can understand these settings, Wolfenstein RPG would be seen as a Teen rating by me.

By Kaleb Rutherford - 08/26/09

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