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World in Conflict (Pre-E3 2006)

Developer: Massive Entertainment | Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Players: 1+ Player Game | Genre: Real Time Strategy

Release Date: 09/18/07

world2.jpgMassive Entertainment is set to display their next game, World in Conflict, at E3 this year. World in Conflict is a game set in a modern world where Cold War conflicts spread to the point of all out warfare, and the latest in strategic team based first person shooters, following predecessors such as the Battlefield series and Unreal Tournament 2004’s Onslaught.

The game plays much like these titles, incorporating the now common objective of capturing ‘control points’ across the various maps, all modeled after areas in the US and Soviet Union. World in Conflict, however, adds new features that stand to make it one of the most exciting strategy shooters to date.


The first of these features are the ‘deployment points’ that each team receives at the start of each round. These points allow the team to, as the name implies, deploy units of various types, including armor units, aircraft, infantry and support. Each player decides which of these types they choose to specialize in, much like the kit systems used in the Battlefield series. Each specialization has it’s own distinct benefits and disadvantages modeled after their real life counter parts. Armor is powerful, yet vulnerable in certain situations. Aircraft can offer a lot of firepower, but cannot capture points. Support units are used mainly to give out supplies and other assistance to other players.


Another impressive feature is the tactical aid system, tied into the number of control points the team owns. For each point, the team gains more tactical aid points, which can then be used to call in different types of support, such as artillery, bombing runs, paratrooper drops and, best of all, tactical nuclear strikes. In addition to these tactical aid points, controlling points for a sustained amount of time creates fortification bonuses, such as infantry.


If the visuals (which look good so far) pull together and the game is polished enough by it’s release, we may be looking at the next best strategic shooter for the PC.

By Andrew Bruck - 04/29/06
ESRB Details: Blood, Language, Violence

Screenshots for World in Conflict (Pre-E3 2006)

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