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The World is Not Enough

Developer: Eurocom Entertainment | Publisher: Electronic Arts
Players: 1 to 4 Player Game | Release Date: 11/01/00 | Genre: FPS

I was somewhat skeptical when I first started playing The World Is Not Enough. Was it going to be a dead rip-off of Goldeneye? Would it be better than Perfect Dark? To many questions filled my mind, so I just shoved the cartridge into the slot and heated it up.

First off, I was greeted by a techno-dance beat and not the Bond theme. I started up a new game and selected a difficulty (Agent, Secret Agent and 00 Agent...same as Goldeneye). Instead of "files" to read and progress the story like in Goldeneye, the player is given cinematic cut-scenes that follow the movie really well.

Objectives are given at the start of every mission, and then new objectives may be given during the course of the mission, depending on your actions and difficulty level. The missions are also well done and vary, as some require stealth while others require a quick trigger finger.

The weapons in The World is Not Enough are essentially the same as in Goldeneye, just with different names and designs. In addition, the multiplayer is very good addition to the title, allowing for "computer controlled bots" to be added into the multiplayer game if you don't have 3 friends. Unfortunately, you can only have a max of 4 players, whether they are bot or human. After completing specific goals in the one-player mode, the player will have more options unlocked for the multiplayer mode.

Overall, my skepticism wasn't really needed. The World is Not Enough turned out to be an excellent game that, dare I say, surpasses Goldeneye. However, it doesn't come close to matching the quality of Perfect Dark. However, this game is great if you're hankering for a decent first person shooter on your Nintendo 64.

By Craig Lupienski - 09/19/00
ESRB Details: Animated Violence

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