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WTF: Work Time Fun

Developer: SCEJ | Publisher: D3
Players: 1+ Player Game | Release Date: 10/17/06 | Genre: Puzzle

wtf.jpgWhen a game is called WTF, a certain “What the...” phrase comes to mind. That phrase is also a very good way to explain what WTF is all about. WTF: Work Time Fun is one of those titles from Japan that would have never seen the light of day in North America years ago. But now a large majority of gamers, outside of Japan, can now appreciate the wackiness that titles like WTF delivers.

WTF: Work Time Fun is a collection of mini-games for the PlayStation Portable that Sony Developed and released in their home country. The thought of a collection of mini-games, from Sony, will probably bring images of a Sony-branded Wario Ware Inc. However, WTF accomplishes the task of bringing a collection of mini-games to the PSP without feeling like Wario Ware Inc. This is accomplished primarily by making the player work for a Temp agency, to make money, and open up the rest of the game.

wtf4.jpg wtf5.jpg wtf6.jpg

In North America, people usually get their start in the corporate world by beginning life as a Temp . It is largely joked that Temps have to perform mindless tasks for a fraction of the pay that they would normally receive. Temps are also normally thought of as unworthy to do anything worthwhile and are treated like livestock by many people who are full time. Since Temps will do any task, WTF: Work Time Fun has fun with the idea by having the player work for a Temp agency. When you begin the game you have a choice of four jobs. These include: putting caps on an unlimited number of pens, sorting baby chicks by sex or if they are dead, catching baseballs without making more than three errors, etc. Players make money by completing these tasks. After jobs are completed, the player receives a check for the job. This money is then used in vending machines.

Vending machines house a majority of items in Japan. People can buy women's underwear (new or used), hot coffee of tea, complete meals, toys, and anything else you can think of. In WTF: Work Time Fun players will find a variety of mini-games, different tools, and toys to purchase in these vending machines. So instead of having the player unlock mini-games by beating others or obtaining a certain amount of money earned, you have to hope the vending machine gives you a fun mini-game and not a useless tool or toy.

wtf1.jpg wtf2.jpg wtf3.jpg

Each mini-game varies in terms of graphical presentation but they all share simple controls. It is fun to try out a new mini-game, when you get it. However, since the games the Temp agency has for you to do randomly show up, players will only be able to participate in the four games shown. There is an option to practice any mini-game you have unlocked. But this option will leave you without earning any money.

Overall WTF: Work Time Fun is a fun way to spend time on your PlayStation Portable. It may not be the best collection of mini-games ever released on a handheld—but WTF is the best the PSP has to offer in the genre and will give you hours of enjoyment. I definitely recommend checking out WTF. Now get back to work!

By Kaleb Rutherford - 12/01/06
ESRB Details: Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence

Screenshots for WTF: Work Time Fun

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