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X-Mercs Invasion First Look

Developer: Bad Rabbit | Publisher: Game Insight
Players: 1+ Player Game | Genre: Strategy

Release Date: TBD

Today at E3 I was able to get a hands-on glimpse at Game Insight’s X-Mercs Invasion, developed by Bad Rabbit. During my time with the game, I was told that it will be coming out sometime late this summer, for any of you that might want to know--and personally, I would, as it was pretty fun to play.

The premise of the game is that an asteroid has passed so close to earth that pieces have fallen from the sky. These pieces of asteroid have immense potential as an energy source, but have also riddled the planet in radiation that has change the way of living completely, and the world has divided into two factions - the Red Dragon Union, and the Alliance.

X-Mercs Invasion brings a lot to the table - a lot more than most mobile games do. It features single player missions, as well as PvP to spice things up. X-Mercs is a turn based strategy game in which you command a squad of up to 5 soldiers. To make up your five man squad, you have soldiers of three different classes to choose from. The first of the three classes of soldiers you have to choose from--a sniper class, tanky class soldier, and soldier that is fairly good all around. There are two interesting things to mention about classes, though--the first being that to get more soldiers, obviously, you have to recruit them, but, you don’t just choose what kind of soldier you are recruiting. When you recruit a new soldier, they are a brand new, fresh recruit that goes through training, and finds their specialties, which determines which class they will be. Secondly, there is a skill system, where each class has two options of expertise to branch into, which will determine just how good your soldier is at one thing or another.

As well as taking care of, and bettering your soldiers, you have to take care of upgrading your base, expand it, and improve it, each particular section that you build effecting how quick your soldiers heal after a mission, increase your resource maximum capacity, and speed of resource collection/production, as well as the maximum number of troops you can have recruited at a time.

In addition to the skill system, their is a fairly extensive research system through which you unlock new and improved armors, weapons, gadgets, and items to use in battle.

In X-Mercs you’ll encounter aliens, other mercenaries who would gladly take your head along with all your gear, as well as beasts that were once animals, mutated by the radiation of the asteroid.

I greatly enjoy strategy games when they are put together well, and this one… Well, I could’ve spent another couple hours, at least, playing X-Mercs. Definitely a title I am going to keep my eyes on as I’m always looking for good mobile games.

By Davis Wiitala - 06/11/14

Screenshots for X-Mercs Invasion First Look

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