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Xbox E3 2013 Media Briefing

We are live at the Xbox E3 2013 Media Briefing. For the first time in the 15 years of covering E3, they actually have working wifi at one of these big events. Is this a sign of things to come or are we just witnessing the power of the Xbox One and their Cloud infrastructure?

First up is Kojima Productions with a cinematic trailer. It is Metal Gear Solid running on the Fox Engine. Snake rides off on horseback to “let the legend come back to life.” This is an Open World Metal Gear Solid to bring in a new breed of stealth with realtime weather effects, sandstorms, and vehicles you can drive in. Kojima Productions says they are redefining Tactical espionage with a never before seen freedom and realisim. There is even a realistic passage of time to help make the stealth more fun.

Snake can jump and slide on his belly to get away from foes. Keifer Sutherland sounds really awesome as Snake.There will be lots of retruning faces in this new installment and it is looking very epic. Perhaps the first good open world game from Japan? This is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Don Mattrick and Hideo Jokima come up on stage to talk about the first look of Metal Gear Solid V for Xbox One. It is not any type of exclusive on the platform though.

Don tells us today is all about the games and will show 13 new titles that will be exclusive to Xbox One. First up though is Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 will be updated as a slender rectangular box available today. Beginning July 1 and to the release of Xbox One, Gold members get 2 free games they get to keep. Two of these games are Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed 2. Don’t most of the players who have Gold already have these games already?

World of Tanks is coming to Xbox 360. This is the first time it has appeared on a console. They didn’t say exclusive so this could be coming to other platforms?

Victor Kisly, CEO of Wargaming Inc, is coming on stage to talk about bringing the phenomenon on the Xbox 360. This will be a 15 on 15 team gaming experience and will be playable at the Xbox booth during E3. It is Free to Play for Xbox Live Gold members and only on Xbox 360. So it is an exclusive after all.

Max and the Cruse of Brotherhood is announced as an Xbox 360 title. It is a 2D platformer with some cartoony cinematic sequences. 

The other title is coming to us from From Software and is Dark Souls II. Does this mean it won’t be a next-generation title like many of us thought it would be? This title won’t be coming until Spring of 2014. March 2014 to be specific.

Phil Spencer is taking the stage to talk about “the new generation of games.” He is trying to sell everyone that they really do care about games and not just TV and Sports. The first game up is Ryse Son of Rome.

The demo begins with a cinematic trailer of a soldier giving orders and moves to a third person viewpoint where soldiers are jumping out of a boat onto the ground. This game appears to be a lot like God of War and plays like a furious button smasher.

Ceat Yerli is on stage to talk about Ryse Son of Rome and he says he has been searching for a way to make this game a long time. It took the power of Xbox One and the latest Cry Engine for this to be a launch title for Xbox One.

Next up is like we thought and speculated, Killer Instinct from Rare. 

That was quick and we get to see very little of KI. Another new franchise is coming up to talk to Ted Price of Insomniac Games. Sunset Overdrive is a stylized open world shooter that can have new experiences every day you play it. This is an exclusive Xbox One title. This looks to be Jet Set Radio meets Borderlands with Ratchet and Clank weapons. Why did Sony ever let these guys go?

Next up is a closer look at Forza 5 and a car pops up on stage. This is one of two of McLaren’s prototype car. They are speaking about the feel and taste of cars for a game that won’t let you feel, taste or touch. We see how Micrisoft is using the power of the cloud to make all drivers play like real life people. As you race, the cloud learns how you do this and puts you in people’s games. This means you are playing with AI that are just like rela people.

Cloud processing is what is being discussed. Almost every game has spoken about the cloud. This means games that require Internet connections. 

Like Insomniac Games, another throwaway from Sony, Phil Harrison, is on stage and says Forza 5 will be a launch title for the Xbox One. He also is talking about Minecraft coming to Xbox One. in Minecraft Xbox One Edition.

Harrison is on stage to welcome Sam Lake from Remedy Software to speak about Quantum Break. Jack Choice is the hero who has escaped a deadly experiment gone wrong. We get a smaller glimpse but still are lacking more details that we want.

D4 is coming to Xbox One exclusively.

Next up is Project Spark to talk about starting with nothing to bring a game to life and how you can make your own game to share with everyone. Using Kinect, you tell Spark what to make the world. Day, night, specific times, and you can use your controller to further refine your level. Then you can jump into the world and start further enhancing it with the power of Kinect and your controller. This looks like Microsoft’s answer to Little Big Planet but with an Action Platformer sense. This Project Spark will somehow allow you to link the games together between Windows 8 and Xbox One.

Marc Whitten is on stage to talk about Xbox SmartGlass. This leads into Killer Instinct being shown with the Producer of KI using a Mad Catz fight stick that will be available at launch. 

They are now showing off Upload Studio that will let you edit your gameplay videos to upload your favorite moments in games with Skins, intros, and other elements. This is Microsoft’s answer to what Sony is doing. 

A partnership with Twitch has been announced to let you broadcast live games and watch them on your Xbox One. Nobody was clapping until someone from Microsoft yelled out “YEAH!” Then some polite clapping occurred. 

There is no longer going to be Microsoft Space Points. Now you will use real currency. Xbox Live Gold will share to families and will allow you to play nultiplayer games even when you aren’t logged in.

A new game from the team of Panzer Dragoon, Crimson Dragon, is coming to Xbox One exclusively. This is an action game just like Panzer was.

Josh Bridge and Mike Jones are on stage to talk about Dead Rising 3. This will bring a new hero to the franchise and be exclusively on Xbox One. There will be no load times in this open world game. This isa grittier version of Dead Rising and has more sense of realism than past titles. How would you like to use a weapon the Sledge Saw? You sure can in Dead Rising 3. There are also full vehicles in the game to let you explore. It will be available this Holiday on Xbox One.

We are now talking The Witcher 3. It will be coming to the Xbox One and it almost sounded like he was about to say other platforms but stopped himself.

Next up is Battlefield 4 Second Assault that is “First on” Xbox ONe. This will be some sort of timed exclusive. They are having technical difficulties again and  can’t get the sound working. After a few uncomfortable minutes, they fix it.  

After technical difficulties, Phil Spencer is back on stage to talk about Below. This features Rogue-like gameplay.What lies below?

Spencer is still on stage to speak about Black Tush. We won’t see anything from this until much later on.

Next up is a brief trailer for Halo with a release tagline of 2014. Bonnie Ross from 343 Studios is on stage to talk all things Halo. This is a Halo FPS for a new generation of Hardware and utilizing Cloud Computing. This Halo will run at 60 FPS.

Xbox One will launch this November starting at $499. THe crowd had a hush and shock fall over it. People were expecting something less.

To close out the briefing, Microsoft is showing Respawn Entertainment’s new IP. This is Titanfall. We will have more on all of these titles coming up at


By Kaleb Rutherford - 06/10/13

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