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Developer: Ubisoft Paris | Publisher: Ubisoft
Players: 1 to 2 Player Game | Release Date: 11/18/03 | Genre: First Person Shooter

Everyone anywhere have read comic's sometime in his or her life. Well now you can experience the full action of a comic, in a video game! The game is a comic, with the 쓭ash, Boom, Bang, etc.nd the cool looking comic style of a cel-shaded video game. XIII is a game that you would call something that was dug out of a comic book writer. With the voices of David Duchovny as the lead actor (X Files), the one and only Adam West as the voice actor for General Carrington, and Eve for Jones, how can this game go wrong?

Based on a long running French comic book with the same name, XIII is about the assassination of the president. You XIII are convicted of the assassination of President Sheridan (of course), once again; you must go through the game running and shooting enemies down. You are washed ashore of Brighton Beach close to New York. The coast guard finds you with a bullet wound and takes you in. When you wake up, the coast guard is killed and you must make a break for it. You are the only suspect in this situation, so you would expect everyone to try and kill you. You will meet many people on your run that may help you what happened.

XIII is accused of killing the President, but of course you cannot remember anything, you have amnesia, so you must go through the game to find out who you are and what happened. You run into many different characters that will help you regain your memory and renew your partnership. The story is a little difficult to follow if you are new at this game, but with all the flashbacks your character has, you will understand more and more through the game. The story is very complex, and is in really deep. The game follows a story that acts very well, and good with the environment. The game shows lots of depth in the story, and tells you all the details within the game.

Everyone loves graphics. They love those 3D graphics say Capcom or Square-Enix puts out. Since the game is based on a comic, the directors of the game decided to make it a nice Cel-Shaded animation game. So no 3D gameplay for you. The graphics in the gameplay are some of the best graphics within the Cel-Shaded region. All the cool cel-animations (that were probably hand made) and the background environments, both are just marvelous. The graphics for the cinematics could be a lot better; hey look like they were made from trying too hard to accomplish a good CGI. The graphics I agree are good, but could be better. A good example of a Cel-Shaded Game would be Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 or Dark Cloud 2.
This is a new way for gaming. There have been no good Cel-Shaded video games that were 1st person shooters so Ubisoft took gaming to the next level.
There is another new thing that Ubisoft added to the game to mix things up a bit. Everytime you shoot someone in any part of the head, there will be a small comic strip at the top showing a bullet, or arrow going through your enemies head or face. This will make sure that you have killed him / her at times.

The Voice acting in the game is just good... Not the best but good. You barely even hear David Duchovny, the lead character, at times. He speaks infrequently, leaving most of the talking to Jones (Eve) and General Carrington (Adam West). These 2 characters just give you orders and tell you what happened. Enemy voice acting is surprisingly good. Some of the dialogue is well written and even sometimes funny. The enemies voice actor reminds me of Rockstar's Max Payne 2 games. The enemies will always say something stupid. Overall the voice acting is just good, yet we need to hear more from XIII! He barely speaks in the game. The sound effects are decent. Normal sounds you will hear with any 1st person shooter. So really it's hard to rank that in the game. The music is very stirring, it is mostly all the same music in the background at many places, and then when it switches to a battle, it is different (of course) though it needs to have more music than that.

Onomatopoeia. I think that is what it's called, the new fashion of gaming! This is what they used to use in old TV shows, like Batman and Robin. Ka-Boom! Bang! Slam! Zonk! Ok that wasn't in the game, but you get the point. This will remind you of the old comics and TV shows, and that is exactly what it is. I actually like it; it gives me something different to look for.
The multi-player is one of the biggest features in the game. You can actually play online with the game! This would be the 1st cel-shaded video game that went online with PS2. Playing online with friends and people is always fun, though there should be more things to choose from. It's just like any other online shooter, mostly same guns, and not as many levels. Though since it's a cel-shaded game, it gives a gamer a new kick, online experience you MUST have if you want this game for PS2.

There are different thing you can do outside the game. You can look through files that you collected; you can look at all the possible suspects on who killed President Sheridan. Oh sounds fun doesn't it? Well that is all you are going to get out of offline and out of the game. The replay value isn't as much as it seems. You can play online with your friends, and just play normal multiplayer֠that are about it. It sounds like another Halo. Some levels are actually fun to replay. Well you have to go through the game again to play it. The Replay value isn't the biggest stuff you will get from a game, but it is fun at some points.
One thing they should put on every game, is the Invert! Because some people (as myself) use invert in video games. Though this game does carry invert, every game should have it on there options. (Inverting the game is changing the Y-axis point so up is down, and down is up.)

XIII is not a bad game! 'It is a good game that most people will think is too weird for their tastes. Play the game. XIII is really good, though can be a lot better, Ubisoft released this to show us that they can do anything. XIII receives a B. Adam West, you will have to settle with a B, Batman. If they actually make a sequel I will be happy. XIII shows so much potential in the game, with weapons that are amazingly animated and designed, and a cutting edge story. Ubisoft made this comic a living game, which many people will probably like. Try the game; you might just change your opinion on the it.

By Adam Beck - 01/31/04
ESRB Details: Blood, Intense Violence

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