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Deus Ex: The Fall First Look

Developer: Square Enix | Publisher: Square Enix
Players: 1 Player Game | Genre: Action/RPG

Release Date: iOS: Summer 2013 - Android: TBA

Eidos Montreal has done a stellar job of bringing us an awesome series of games, with the Deus Ex series. It’s been a little while, though, since their last addition, and has definitely left a lot of fan wondering if they are going to release another game - Hoping, for another game, in this futuristic sci-fi action series of games. The answer to this? Deus Ex: The Fall. A game app for the iOS and Android platforms, that, so far, looks like a great addition to story, and atmosphere, that Deus Ex fans have come to love.

Being able to choose your own approach to each confrontation has been a hallmark in the Deus Ex series - And Deus Ex: The Fall stays very true to that element. Whether you prefer to run into a room, making the biggest entrance that you can, gloriously firing your guns, and ensuing a huge gunfight - Or if you prefer to sneak into said room, when no one is looking (Including that pesky security camera), and one by one, knock your prey unconscious - You’ll find both are still very much an option for you, in this new installment of the Deus Ex franchise.

With the fact that this game is being ported over to mobile devices, some things did have to change, though - To accommodate differences in hardware power, and control methods. For instance, a player will no longer be able to pick up objects, once they have upgraded their strength - You will now, instead, be able to push objects around, kind of like how one would do so in a Legends of Zelda puzzle room, in a dungeon. Additionally, a player will no longer be able to freely jump around - Instead, Eidos, Square Enix, and their partner for this game, N-Fusion, have incorporated a command to allow players to vault over smaller objects, and lower-lying surfaces.

Deus Ex: The Fall utilizes a dual thumbstick layout, and also incorporates the use of tapping on walls, to take cover, and tapping on enemies, to interact with them, be it shooting them, or knocking them unconscious. If played on smaller screens, this could propose a problem of taking up too much screen space, between the UI, or User Interface, and one’s own fingers - But, on larger screens, such as tablets, this shouldn’t pose any threat to screen space.

Being a game app for iOS, and Android, there is, of course, a store at which you can perform micro-transactions, to buy equipment. But, we’ve been assured that utilizing this is in no way necessary for completing the game. You will still be able to obtain a variety of different upgrades, augments, and weapons, as you always have been able to, in a Deus Ex game.

Although it has not been announced whether this title will make it’s way to any other platform, as of right now, iOS and Android are the only two current platforms that we know of that it will be being released on. So, for all you mobile gamers out there, here is a title to keep an eye out for - Coming to iOS this summer, and Android, hopefully sometime soon, as it has not been announced, yet.

By Davis Wiitala - 06/11/13

Screenshots for Deus Ex: The Fall First Look

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